Global Neuro’s first symposium in China was a big success


Global Neuro Symposium—Neurotrauma 2018 faculty and participants


Post-event survey results indicate that Global Neuro’s first symposium in China was a great success, with participants rating overall faculty effectiveness at 4.7 out of 5.  Global Neuro Symposium—Neurotrauma on April 19, 2018, in Shenzhen, China drew 120 participants, and an interactive, live broadcast engaged another 1,200 participants over the course of the daylong event.

“The event really exceeded our expectations,” said Global Neuro Managing Director Linda Domeisen. “Global Neuro’s new branding was ever present, and it was quite an engaging event, with interactive case discussions and a lot of questions asked.”

Developed for surgeons who manage neurotrauma and those with a strong interest in the field, the symposium covered the theoretical basis and practical principles for managing neurotrauma, addressing complications, and performing state-of-the-art reconstructive surgery.

Lectures were simultaneously translated from English to Chinese, and interactive case discussions were translated from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English in order to facilitate the highest level of engagement.


Highly rated by participants

Survey respondents gave the symposium content an average rating of 4.48 out of 5 for its usefulness in their daily practices. “All of the professors are of good knowledge and very willing to share with us, so we have the chance to get in touch with the top medical technology—very good,” said participant Nathan.


‘Perfect course’

“Nicely arranged. Keep it up!” another symposium participant commented, and another described the event as a “perfect course…good work.”

Led by course director Jiyao Jiang (China) and course chairs Guo-Yi Gao (China) and Randall Chestnut (United States) and carried out by international faculty from the United States, Belgium and Italy, as well as local faculty from across China, the symposium supported Global Neuro’s international orientation and efforts in enhancing our network.


Collaborating across disciplines

“Global Neuro strives to increasingly collaborate with regional, national, and international societies and organizations to deliver symposia and courses…These partnerships enable us to provide the best formats possible,” said Global Neuro Foundation Chairman Paul N Manson, adding that Global Neuro’s educational efforts increasingly include collaborations with experts from across a wide range of disciplines in order to provide comprehensive education and program development opportunities.

Over the past two years, AO Neuro [now Global Neuro] has continuously carried out traumatic brain injury (TBI) symposium in Changsha and Xi'an City, with the cooperation of Jiang, the TBI management leader in China and chairman of the Chinese head trauma forum,” course chairman Gao explained. “In 2018, Global Neuro takes the educational tasks from AO Neuro and the first course in Shenzhen achieved big success,” he added.

Contributing to the symposium’s success, Gao said, was the fact that it was held in parallel to the Chinese head trauma forum, a major national conference on TBI management, drawing more than 800 delegates. Additionally, the symposium’s international faculty cooperated well with local faculty and the curriculum was designed to support Chinese neurosurgeons’ educational needs. “We hope Global Neuro can exert more influence in TBI education in China through various types of projects of education and training in the future,” he said.

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