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An initiative of the AO Foundation, AONeuro was founded in 2013, and has now grown into an independent foundation, Global Neuro. Today, we are focused on advanced professional education with global outreach to approximately 40,000 professionals. By utilizing formal educational curricula and key opinion leaders as faculty, we seek to advance practice, surgical techniques, and outcomes assessments for neurological patients worldwide.

Our Mission

Educating clinicians to improve patient outcomes in neurosurgery.

What we do

Improving patient outcomes by raising awareness and advancing performance of surgical treatment.

- Neurological disorders are among the costliest and most devastating global health issues.
- Worldwide, 1.7 billion people suffer from neurological disorders, but less than one in five are treated surgically.
- There is a lack of neurosurgeons and appropriate training in many regions of the world.

Offering high level education, especially in regions with limited resources.

- Over 70 successful teaching events have been held worldwide reaching around 3,000 residents and practicing surgeons.
- Our faculty consists of experienced and trained key opinion leaders.
- High levels of interaction, including discussion sessions, case-based learning, and hands-on practical surgical exercises are featured.
- Quality standards are high and ensured through independently developed formal curricula, rigorous evaluations and continuous improvements, with CME being offered when possible.

Supporting knowledge transfer to advance our educational goals.

- Our Board and faculty are actively at the forefront of recent developments and research.
- We evaluate existing and new technology in the field of neurosurgery and have launched innovative products with industrial partners.

Fostering a strong network to share best practices and unleash synergies.

- Regular newsletters and event announcements are sent to over 40,000 subscribers.
- We collaborate with regional, national and international societies worldwide.
- About 100 faculty are actively involved in our global education activities.

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